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Godparent/Sponsor Certificate

Godparent or Sponsor Certificate Application


Role of a Godparent or Sponsor:  To be a Godparent or Sponsor is both an honor and an awesome responsibility, as it calls one to draw even deeper into the heart of Christ to gain wisdom in guiding the spiritual life of the Candidate in the ways of Christ and His Church.  The Godparent or Sponsor, together with the parents, must be willing to help the baptized or confirmed grow in love for Christ and neighbor.  By word and example, the Godparent or Sponsor will encourage the Candidate to live the Christian life and fulfill the obligations connected with it. (cf. Code of Canon Law, c.872).

Church law permits two Godparents for Baptism.  Only one is necessary.  If two are chosen, there must be one of each sex (cf. Code of Canon Law, c. 873).  Only one Sponsor of either gender is permitted for Confirmation.


Application to be Baptism or Confirmation Sponsor

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