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Catholics Come Home

Dear Friends, 
       The Lord is reaching out to you, your family and friends via St. Gabriel parish.  Please read below.  
Mark your calendars!
Homecoming is Wednesday, February  11, 2015 at 7 pm in the Church Hall
(next door to the garden).   

St Gabriel is scheduling a "Homecoming for Inactive Catholics" on February 4 in our parish hall from 7 - 8 pm.   This event is open to any one who feels separated from our Church community.  This event is an opportunity to chat in a friendly atmosphere about what has been keeping them away from the active practice of their faith.  

      Many times, life situations or unanswered questions or concerns about church teaching disrupts a life-time pattern of coming to worship at Mass.  This Homecoming will provide an informal forum to ask questions about how to reconnect with parish life.  

  Fr. Maurice Maroney, pastor of St. Gabriel Church says, “If you’ve drifted away from Church and faith is lying fallow in you, know we’ve missed you.   Remember this is your church family.  You’re welcome here!       

     “Come in for a visit on Wednesday, February 11, 7 pm at our "Homecoming" for returning Catholics and let’s talk about what’s happening or happened in your life.  We feel sure that we can help you and open you up to new possibilities so that life doesn’t seem so hard.”

Fr. Maroney and Br. Larry Lussier, CSC  truly want to give those who have drifted away a hospitable space and a place to talk and reconnect with faith through our “Come Home” program.

     “As I travel around I often meet parishioners "on hold", so to speak and many say, “Father, I used to go your church.”  I ask, “Where are you going to church now!”  They respond,  “Well, I’m not really active now.”  I  say, “Do you want to talk about it?”  They think and say, “Do you think you can help me?”  I say, “Yes, I think we can help. Drop in for a visit.

    “Come Home” is a cordial, welcoming, healing, non-judgmental way to reconnect.   It’s open to all issues and feelings that have separated individuals from active parish life.

     “Persons who have drifted away have questions, concerns, and feelings that have not been resolved.   

     “Come Home” is an opportunity to bring these out and  to set the stage to resolve situations and to reconnect with Church without embarrassment.  It is our parish’s offer of peace and our desire to be mutually bonded with you once again in community and in the Faith,” said Br. Larry CSC, pastoral associate.

 By Br. Larry Lussier, CSC


Click here to register for "Homecoming".  You can bring a friend.  

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