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Important issues of climate change are in the news lately.particularly in regards to the United Nations Climate Change Conference , held in Copenhagen on DEC 7-8.  Here is specific link to climate change developments.
You can get 
  • Statements from World Religions on Climate change 
  • Climate Change Science
  • Climate Change Ethics
The sites underscore the urgency of the climate change crisis and crucial roles that religions must play in constructing ethic world views for interacting with other people, species and the environment in order to serve a as a moral force for environmental action.

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St. Gabriel now linked to St. Ann 
Church in Milford
     Archbishop Henry Mansell has officially linked St. Gabriel parish to that of St. Ann parish in Milford.  The Archbishop appointed Rev Maurice Maroney pastor of both parishes in a letter received in early December.  

     The Archdiocese had envisioned such a move for later, but the untimely death of St. Ann's pastor, Rev. Brian Shaw, in October lead to the decision above.

      In order to facilitate this decision, the Archdiocese' Planning Committee - Msgr. James Coleman, Rev Kevin Dillon, and Rev James Shanley - met with the staffs, trustees, councils of both parishes to explain what linkage means.

      The Planning Committee stated the reason for such a linkage was due to the decreasing number of active priests in the Archdiocese.  They described that linkage means that each parish remains open, each parish maintains its own sacramental and financial records, each parish has its own parish and financial council.  The parishes share a pastor.

      Linkage offers each parish a new synergy possibility - that sharing of programs and ministries so that there is no duplication such as Pre-baptismal program, RCIA and youth ministry.  

     Practically linkage may mean an adjustment of Mass Schedules, Only one Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday) is only permitted in one of the parishes.  The Celebration of Confirmation might also be shared by the parishes in alternate years.  

     Two additional meetings occurred with trustees, staffs, councils of both parishes.  The spirit of cooperation was evident as well as concern for the well-being of Fr. Maroney.  More planning meetings will be held in the New Year as each parish sets up its schedule of activities.

St. Brendan Receives St. Gabriel's Visitors 
December 10-17, 2013

      Mission Board co-chairs Jane and Dan Marecki have been visiting with the Holy Cross Community at St. Brendan, Kitete, Tanzania this past week.
      The visitors shared the news that St. Gabriel and St. Ann parishes are now linked and that Fr. Maroney is pastor of both churches.
      Fr. Prosper Tesha, CSC, pastor displayed the Mission Board gift of the large poster of St. Brendan that Fr. Comfort Agele, CSC  brought back to the parish community. 
      Jane and Dan got to see first hand the construction for the new church and the bricks that St.Gabriel parishioners donated.  See the photos below:

Framed poster of patronal Saint Brendan that Mission Board donated 
Jane Marecki and Fr. Prosper in construction pit as worker digs.
Fr. Prosper, Jane and Dan Marecki standing in thestorage area for bricks that parishioners donated in our "Buy a Brick" fundraiser.
                                 See article and photos below

     When Super Storm Sandy on October 28, 2012 hit the shores of the East Coast, St. Gabriel's Rectory was one of its victims.  High winds and super high waves battered the retaining wall and reached over the wall to crush the patio and crash into the rectory making a huge gaping hole in the back wall and flooding the first floor with about 9 feet of water ruining furniture, rugs, new appliances and cabinets in the kitchen. After the water receded, all that was left was mud and devastation.  After the water receded, all that was left was mud and devastation.  The storm ousted Fr. Maurice Maroney from his home.  As time went on, the walls began to creep with mold and there was really no way that the rectory could be restored.  

     After many meetings with the Archdiocese and the insurance company, it was decided to raze the rectory.  On Friday, January 10 at 8 am, wrecking machinery moved on the property and began to level the structure.  An era that began in the 1940's with the building being used as a rectory in 1946 under then pastor, Fr Robert P. Sullivan, finally came to an end after some 68 years housing St. Gabriel's pastors.  By Monday January 13, 2014 all that remained was the slab it was built on.  Fr. Maroney and a few onlookers saved a few stones from the fireplace as a memento.  These stones will be cleaned and memorialized with an etching of dates.  

Rectory Frame after the 1st day of wrecking
Almost totally razed.
Display of patio's cement crushed by Sandy
Just before the last of the frame disappears.
Deacon George Anthony Puskas died January 27,2014.
Pastor Rev. Maurice Maroney announced to the parishioners attending morning Mass January 27th that Deacon George Puskas died in the hospital after a brief hospitalization at Yale New Haven Hospital.  Fr. Maroney informed the parishioners at large at the weekend liturgies of the same. Parishioners were saddened by the news, Fr. Maroney noted that Deacon George has no family in the immediate area and hence there was no timely obituary.

Today, a funeral Mass was celebrated by Fr. Maurice Maroney and deacons from area churches.  Deacon Robert Pallotti, Director of the Office for the Diaconate represented the Archdiocese.  Deacon Richard Sennett from St. Mary, Milford preached the eulogy. He along with Deacon Paul Sabo from St. John Vianney assisted Fr. Maroney at the altar.  

Although Deacon Puskas was assigned by Archbishop Mansell to St. Gabriel in 2011, his short time here was enough for him to create a very positive impression on parishioners.  His love of the liturgy and his gentle way of preaching touched everyone.  His kind manner endeared him to all.  

Deacon George was proud of being a nutmegger.  He was born in East Lyme, Connecticut January 11,1940.  However, he attended Milford High School and graduated in 1960.  He entered the US Army and was honorably discharged in 1969. He worked at Sikorsky Aircraft for 21 years and during this time decided to enter formation to become a deacon in the church.  He was ordained on June 27, 1980 by Archbishop John F. Whealon.  He spent 20 years as deacon at St. Mary, Milford, then some years at Christ the Redeemer, Milford and these last two years at St. Gabriel, Milford.  

He is survived by his sister Gloria Brennen of North Hampton, Massachusetts and by a number of nieces and nephews.

Deacon George will be missed by St.Gabriel, St Mary and Christ the Redeemer parishes. Rest in peace in heavenly glory!

St Brendan Church Construction on Schedule
Archbishop Receives Two From Parish as Elect

On the First Sunday of Lent at the Cathedral of St Joseph in Hartford, those in formation to be baptized, make Confirmation and First Eucharist from the entire archdiocese attend the Election Rite.  This year the date was March 9th and the time was 3 pm.  Over 260 candidates attended with their sponsors and families.
Our candidates were Jesse Batterton and Michael Munk who have been members of our Catechumenate since early September.  They have been attending sessions with Br. Larry Lussier, CSC  Catechumenate Director each week after the 8:30 am Mass in our conference room.
Sessions typically include understanding the Scriptures of the Sunday and a faith topic that is explored.  
At the 11 am Mass on Sunday, March 9th both Jesse and Michael along with their sponsors participated in the Rite of Sending to the Election Rite.  This Election Rite is an ancient rite that is reserved to the Archbishop of the Diocese to question sponsors and candidates as to their readiness to move on to the Easter Sacraments of baptism, confirmation and first Eucharist.  See photos below:


     Each year the Archdiocese presents the St. Joseph Medal to one recipient from each parish who has shared his or her talents and service to the parish for a number of years.
     This year we are pleased to announce that George Bepko who has been of service to St. Gabriel since he was 9 years old is St Gabriel's 2014 St. Joseph Medal recipient.
     Although George is currently known for his voice, playing the guitar and directing the Contemporary Ensemble which plays contemporary Christian/Catholic music for worship during Mass and special services, his service to the parish has a wide range of experience over the years.
     George has played a role worship ministries such as altar server, lector, hospitality minister, heading the music ministry, on the liturgy committee, written and directed Tenebrae Services.  He has served as a member of the Stewardship Committee as well as member and chair of past Parish Councils and St. Gabriel School ministries.    
     George has used his audio-visual skills at St. Gabriel School and Church.  He donated and overhauled the current church audio system.         The list of George's efforts goes on.  He pays tribute to his parents who were devoted to the St. Gabriel's parish and volunteered throughout their lives here.  Following in his parents' footsteps, George is available whenever the pastor calls him.  Although most parishioners will remember George as musician and directing the Contemporary Ensemble as George's high point. His music has energized the parish worship at the 11 am Mass once a month for years.  Each of the musicians are semi-professional or professional.  George has directed and guided them and made a name for them not only in the parish but in the civic community of Milford and beyond.

Fr Maroney, George Bepko, Mary (his sister) Fernandez cutting the cake at the Celebration of the Music Ensemble in November 21, 2010.